Education to Miners’ Children

Education is a right of every child but not the privilege of some dominant part of the society. Keeping in view the importance of education, the Mines Labour Welfare Organization has established the following schools for providing free education to the miners’ children.

Sargodha Region

  • MLW Boys Higher Secondary School, Makerwal
  • MLW Girls Higher Secondary School, Sargodha
  • MLW Boys High School, Makerwal
  • MLW Girls High School, Makerwal

Rawalpindi Region

  • MLW Girls High School, Dandot
  • MLW Middle School, Pidh
  • MLW Primary School, Dhok Burj, Jhelum

Stipends to the Students

Mining labour is a low paid class of the society and it is hardly possible for it to educate its children in a proper way. Since the education is provided free of cost to miners’ children in MLW Schools in addition to provision of books and uniform, the miners’ children studying at different institutions other than MLW schools and post-matriculation classes are granted stipends on annual basis at a rate of:
  • Pre-matric @ Rs.3000 P.A.
  • Post-matric @Rs.9600 P.A.
  • Graduation & Post Graduation @ Rs.12000 to 18000 P.A. (Medical/Engineering/M.A/M.Sc.)
  • Higher Education @ Rs.24000 P.A.

Provision of Uniform

The Mines Labour Welfare Organization provides uniform to miners’ children with a view to fulfill their education needs detailed as follows:
  • Shalwar Qameez – Khaki (for boys and girls),
  • Jersey (for boys and girls),
  • Pair of Socks (for boys and girls),
  • Pair of Shoes (for boys and girls),
  • Dopatta and Patti (for girls only).