Housing & Water Supply

The labour force working in mining industry is of migratory nature that comes from different provinces of Pakistan and resides near the work places. Housing and clean drinking water for the labour community is to be provided by the employers. The Government provides grants for residences, both bachelor and family, so that a standard is set which the employer is constrained to follow. The department also sponsors water supply schemes to provide clean drinking water to miners. To accelerate the pace of these welfare programmes, 50% matching grant is provided to the employer.

These schemes are initiated by Mines Labour Welfare Officers in consultation with representatives of labour (Labour Unions) and mine owners; and after approval of Regional Scrutiny Committees taken-up at the Headquarters office where the pivotal role is done by Assistant Director MLW for preparation and submission of PC-I to P&D Department.

To monitor the construction of housing and water supply schemes, the Mines Labour Welfare Organization has a proper set-up under supervision of the Construction Engineer assisted by two Sub-Engineers, one each for Rawalpindi and Sargodha region.