Mine Sample Testing Laboratory

Mine Sample Testing Laboratory, Khushab was established in 1984, headed by a Senior Research Officer, a qualified Mining Engineer and assisted by two Research Officers. The main objectives of the Laboratory are to test and analyze the samples drawn from the mines with the view to forecast dangers in mines and to ensure:

Uniformity in the working environments in mines.

  • Minimum required standards of safety.
  • Improved working conditions.
  • Less accidents rate in mines resulting inter alia reposing confidence in workers.
  • Detection of occupational diseases and their remedy.

Samples of gas, humidity, light, temperature, ventilation, pH of water and dust are collected and analyzed from different mines and quarries of Punjab. Mine operators (lease holders) having samples with the beyond permissible limits are advised to take precautionary measures to avoid any critical situation in and about the mines and provide safe working environment to the workers. Mine operators found in dangerous working are carried to the courts of law for contravention of rules and regulations.

Test performed are as following:

  • Lab Equipment Check
  • Noise Check
  • Haulage Rope Testing