Health Care

The mining labour works in very hazardous atmosphere in underground mines and open quarries where there is great likelihood that a worker may have injury at any moment. Furthermore, the lack of ventilation and presence of dust in atmosphere makes the workers prone to lungs disease and injuries to their back bones etc. Since the setting of mines is usually in hilly areas away from towns and even villages, therefore, no government dispensary in town can cater the needs of miners except Mines Labour Welfare Organization.

For this purpose, Mines Labour Welfare Organization has established four hospitals and nine allied dispensaries in mining areas. Out of these, two hospital and two dispensaries are situated in Sargodha Region whereas two hospitals and seven dispensaries in Rawalpindi Region. Miners and their families are issued Medical Identity Cards to enable them to get free medical facilities from these health units.

Mobile X-Ray Unit

Two Mobile X-Ray Units are established to provide X-Ray facility to mine workers at work places especially for detection of occupational diseases. These units are working each with MLW Hospital, Choa Saiden Shah and Khushab.