Mine Safety & Inspections

The primary objective of the Chief Inspectorate of Mines, Punjab is to ensure safety, health and welfare of workers employed in mine within the province of Punjab. The objective is regulated by the Mines Act, 1923 and Rules and Regulations framed there under. These Rules and Regulations are administered by the Chief Inspector of Mines assisted by a Deputy Chief Inspector of Mines. The setup of the Inspectorate may show very sketchy staff strength but they are highly qualified engineers duly groomed managers as well.

Mine Inspections

This job is performed through regular inspections by the qualified Inspectors holding degree in Mining Engineering with relevant competency and experience like the role of law enforcing authority.

With respect to mining activities, the province of Punjab is divided into two Zones: 1) North Zone, 2) South Zone. The North Zone is further divided into two Regions i.e. Sargodha Region and Rawalpindi Region, each under the charge of Inspector of Mines. The South Zone consists of single region named Dera Ghazi Khan Region under the charge of Inspector of Mines, Headquarter. Sub-regional offices or District level offices have been set up in important areas of concentrated mining activities. The field offices ensuring mine safety through inspections are as follows:

North Zone

  • Inspector of Mines (Sargodha Region), Sargodha
    • Junior Inspector of Mines, Sargodha
    • Junior Inspector of Mines, Khushab
    • Junior Inspector of Mines, Mianwali
  • Inspector of Mines (Rawalpindi Region), Rawalpindi
    • Junior Inspector of Mines, Jhelum
    • Junior Inspector of Mines, Attock at Rawalpindi

South Zone

  • Inspector of Mines (Headquarter), Lahore

    • Junior Inspector of Mines (Headquarter), Lahore

    • Junior Inspector of Mines, D. G. Khan

These Inspecting Officers are responsible to ensure regulatory functions through the inspections of mines and quarries, conducting inquiries into the fatal as well as serious accidents and follow up of cases, in the courts of law, for contravention of different provisions of the Mines Act.