Welfare of Mine Workers

For the implementation of Excise Duty on Minerals (Labour Welfare) Act, 1967 and rules made thereunder, the Province of Punjab is operationally divided into three regions i.e. Sargodha Region, Rawalpindi Region and Multan Region. In the revenue wing, Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioners are the regional heads who manage to collect Excise Duty on all minerals (specified in the schedule) dispatched from mines and quarries. Accordingly, Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioners conduct the auction of Excise Duty as Secretary of Auction Committee in their respective jurisdiction on district/zonal basis except the quarries owned by cement factories and salt mines owned by M/s. Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (Punjmin) from where Excise Duty is paid directly on self-assessment basis. 

The Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioners inspect the record of mining firms under the following labour enactments:

The Assistant Mines Labour Welfare Commissioners are also appointed as Workmen’s Compensation Commissioners by Government of the Punjab, Labour & Human Resource Department in respect of mines and quarries falling in their respective jurisdiction areas. They also act as the Chairmen of tripartite “Regional Scrutiny Committees” for death grants, marriage grants and talent scholarships to be granted to miners and their families from Punjab Workers Welfare Board (Labour & Human Resource Department). These Regional Scrutiny Committees are aimed to scrutinize the applications received from miners and their families and to recommend them to Punjab Workers Welfare Board for payment of grants and scholarships briefed as follows:

Death Grant

In case of death of a worker in mine accident, death grant at a rate of five lac rupees (Rs. 5,00,000) is paid to the legal heirs of deceased worker out of Workers Welfare Fund which is financial help for bereaved families. This amount is paid after proper scrutiny by Regional Scrutiny Committee.

Marriage Grant

On the occasion of marriage of daughters of mine workers, an amount of rupees seventy thousand (Rs. 70,000) is bestowed, which is sufficient coverage to defray marriage expenses. This grant is allowed to a worker for his each daughter on the eve of her marriage.

Talent Scholarships

All the children of mine workers are awarded talent scholarship as prescribed for each class, which encourages progressive students to continue their further education.