Safety Tips

First Aid

What is the method of determining wether the person is dead or alive? Top
To check pulse, check breath, prick with needle or a pin in palm.
What is the method of resorting the breath of an unconscious patient? Top
1. Restore breath with the help of mouth to mouth method. 2. With the help of long hand stretch method.
What is meant by SAMPLE? Top
S. Signs and Septum - A. Allergy - M. Medication - P. Previous Problem - L. Last Food or Drink - E. Event
What is the first–aid on snake bite? Top
Wash the effected part thoroughly with water,  fasten a bandage and take to the doctor, give strength.
What is meant by CPR? Top
C. Cardio - P. Pulmonary - R. Resuscitation
It is a life saving method in case of emergency which is used when the breathing or heart beat of a patient has stopped, it includes mouth to mouth breathing and pressure on chest. With this oxygen filled blood speedily reaches to the brain which helps the heart to resume working and the patient regains consciousness.
What are the major four methods of CPR? Top
1. Mouth to Mouth Method, 2. Long Hand Method, 3. Silvester Method, 4. Schaefer Method.
What is the formula of pressure and breathing in CPR? Top
To give breathing 30 times in pair of sets and to put pressure on chest 30 times.
What is RICE and on which three patients it is used? Top
R. Rest - I. Ice - C. Compression - E. Elevate
In muscle strain, injury and muscular cramps.
What are the kinds of fractures? Top
1. Simple fracture, 2. Compound fracture, 3. Complicated fracture, 4. Commuted fracture, 5. Green stick fracture, 6. Impact fracture.
What are the two methods of first-aid to a choked patient? Top
By patting on back, by abdominal thrust.
What is the method of stopping blood flow from a wound? Top
Press the wound with thumb and wrap the bandage, if the bleeding does not stop then tie one more bandage.

Things to Ensure

  • Inspect  the mine with oil flame safety lamp only so the prescribed quantity of oxygen, methane and carbon dioxide could be ascertained.
  • Carry along CO2 detector in mines where there is carbon monoxide so that the poisonous gas could be determined.
  • Persons who are working in warm places should use cold water having  0.1% of sodium.
  • While using haulage take care that two separate kinds of controls are present on drum, one is brake and the other is
  • Take care of rope and rulers while using haulage, and keep on greasing them with oil so that rope might not break due to friction.
  • Save your head with falling things and stones and wear helmet.
  • Wear dust mask while working, particularly when working inside the mine and drilling.
  • Beware; don’t burn a flame in a mine, carrying matchbox or any combustible thing in a mine is prohibited, carrying or using cigarette or any other drug inside the mine is not allowed.
  • Beware of electric wires while working.
  • Don’t use voltage above prescribed limit inside a mine, use 220 volts current only for such machinery that’s been earthed, use only 12 volts on every other place.
  • Electrical wires carrying 220 voltage current must be attached through an approved box (flame proof joint box).
  • If there are more than one  tramcars carrying extracted minerals from a mine then these must be joined with chains and the last one must be followed by a dog.
  • Keep proper cleanliness of coal dust so that the lungs of mine workers may remain protected and no danger of explosion may left.
  • If clothes catch fire then roll over on earth, cover with thick blanket or bundle of clothes so that the oxygen might not  reach.
  • Halt! It’s not good to play with electric wires.
  • Explosive material is allowed to taken and used inside a mine under an authorized explosive act, only a person authorized by a manager shall be responsible to carry and use the explosive, in case of misfire, the access to the effected place should be ceased with a grill which shall reopen only after the permission of the manager.
  • Don’t mess with fire stopping inside a mine unless the manager has got satisfaction that the fire has been extinguished completely and that the quantity of poisonous gases is below the prescribed limit and the amount of oxygen is minimum 19%, otherwise wear a gas mask.
  • Take necessary measures to protect yourself, avoid approaching a dangerous place without proper preparation.
  • Its obligatory for mine workers that they should  keep the timber man informed about the condition of the face roof so that necessary precautionary measures could be taken to ensure the safety of roof.
  • Experienced mine workers also depend on sounds and vibration while checking the condition of roof.
  • Take temporary precautionary measures before clearing the debris of roof fall.
  • Inquiry of the accident is very important, examine the causes and conditions of accidents so that they could be avoided in future.